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Reesor Lake

Reesor Lake is a large waterbody located 20 km southeast of the Elkwater townsite. It serves fishermen year round and provides an ideal setting for a family camping getaway. Reesor  Dock, which is situated on the north shore of the lake off Reesor Lake Road, has a fishing pier and a boat launch. A boat launch is also located at the western end of the dam. The only boat motors allowed on the lake are electric. Reesor Lake is stocked annually with rainbow trout.

For a more rustic camping experience Reesor Lake offers 33 basic sites and 3 walk-in sites as well as a shelter.  As well, there are a number of trails departing and traversing through the Reesor Lake area, including the Trans Canada Trail. 


Reesor Lake History


Copied from 1960 article title "New Lake Name Honors Family"

A family of Canadians that reaches back to confederation has been honored through the efforts of the Medicine Hat Fish and Game Association.  The association carried out a proposal and recently received confirmation that Twin Lakes, in the Cypress Hills east of Elkwater, had been re-named Reesor Lake, in memory of William David Reesor, father of Colby Reesor, a long-time member of the Medicine Hat Fish and Game Association.  W.D. Reesor was the son of one of the early Canadian senators, also named William David Reesor, whose picture hangs in our Senate gallery today.  W.D. Reesor Jr. came to Gap, Sask. in 1900 and returned east for his family in 1902.  The original Reesor house still stands, eight miles from the site of Reesor Lake.  It has been continuously occupied by the descendants of Mr. Reesor and the present occupants are the fourth generation to live there and the seventh generation of the family in Canada since 1804.  Colby Reesor, secretary of the local fish and game association, was presented with a plaque commemorating the occasion at the last meeting of the Medicine Hat Association.  The name change came into effect November 6, 1960.

Additional information on Reesor Lake and the Reesor family can be found on the Historic Reesor Ranch website.


  Cypress Hills - Alberta